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titanium clad series
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Titanium clad material
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1.Description:Titanium Clad Copper

2.Composite Material:Ti-Cu,Ti-Steel,Ti-Al,Ti-Ni etc

3.Size:In compliance with your requests   

   Shape/Size (mm)

   Round: φ (2~80) × (0.5~3.0)

   Barrel: φ (25, 27, 29, 32, 34) ×14× (1.0~2.0)

   Square: (10~40)5

   Flat: W (10~100) ×H (10~30)

   Radius Transition :( 3~5)

4.Application:Electrolysis,Plating,Hydrometallurgy,Oil and Chemical Industry etc

5.Technique:Rolled,Extrude,Explosive cladding

6.Sheared Strength::≥130 Mpa

7.Compact Rate:≥98%

8.Type:Round,Flat or Square

9.Payment:L/C at sight or T/T in advance

10.Minium Order Quantity:flexible

11.Packing Details:Standard export wooden cases or in compliance with clients' requirements

12.Property:1)Fantastic Corrosion Resistance

                  2)Excellent Conductivity

                  3)Low Processing Costs

                  4)Big composite materials available with excellent metallurgical bonding by explosive

                    welding process

                  5)Save 10%~30% energy in plating system

13.Leadtime:Within15-20 days

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